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the act of turning your head left and right to signify denial or disbelief or bemusement

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By applying article XII to the invocation of the right to remain silent--even though Clarke's headshake met the Thompkins unambiguous standard--the SJC effectively deterred further appellate review by the U.
Just as somebody swaying their head from side to side cannot possible mean "yes"--irrespective of the charming subtlety of the Bulgarian side-ways motion that doesn't quite correspond to the full headshake.
3-100 [mu] M p,p' -DDE as embryos experienced a headshake motion in response to PTZ in addition to or in place of seizure behavior (Figure 3).
Them I-ties," a sergeant said with a sigh and a knowing headshake.
Always I'm aware that the emotions I present in living room response to the human tragedies--my gestures of "bitter revulsion and despair" (a bewildered headshake at the "terrible futility," weighty sigh or slow zombielike nodding meant to bespeak frustration and impotence)--are removed (either slightly or far) from the emotions felt (the latter can include gratification).
Table 7 Performance of Children in Spanish-English Classrooms-Developmental Rhyming Scale Level of Performance Performance Description Level 1: No rhyming Says "don't know" or does not respond when asked to generate or recognize rhyme words Gives irrelevant or semantic response when asked to rhyme Level 2: Rhymes Participates in familiar rhyme activities with support with support (identifies rhyme or nonrhyme pairs with headshake, modeled response, or gesture) Engages in word play; produces silly-sounding words Repeats the target word when asked to generate a rhyme word (e.
Then he picked me up, upside down, and he slowly gave a little headshake.
And Gerrard's repentant headshake as he left Anfield reflected the emotions of a captain who couldn't believe he missed when faced with a one-on-one two minutes from time.
Other highlights include the lovely piano led Headshake Baby and the exquisitely titled Teenagers Wearing Blazers.
As Henry James writes about Kate Croy at the close of The Wings of the Dove, "She turned to the door, and her headshake was now the end.
The digital camera can be programmed to recognize almost any movement as a mouse click, including a headshake, a modest hand wave, or a slight toe tap.
The wily ol' snook took advantage of the line slack by doing a prototypical above-surface headshake, spitting out my hook like a peach seed.
I would argue that the headshake is an invitation, a form of quiet rebellion against the lack of joy we run into in that world so aptly described by Sartre and Kandinsky--our world, let us not forget.
headshake, gesture toward an object, exaggerated vocal emphasis on correct response)