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a cushion attached to the top of the back of an automobile's seat to prevent whiplash

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a rest for the head

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Those in the economy section also offer ergonomically designed seats with full leather headrests that have flexible panels and can be adjusted vertically for optimum support.
We've let him down with the headrest, we've let him down with the gearbox.
Southco's headrest solutions feature standard integrated positioning technology, which provide reliable and flexible constant torque capabilities in a small package, allowing them to be integrated into the bus manufacturer's moulded headrest assembly.
During the search, the cops separately found 17 pieces of $100 in the car wash's ceiling, and another 19 pieces of $100 in the vehicle's headrest.
If you are involved in a crash having the headrest set correctly can help minimise the injuries of the driver and passengers.
We bucked up and picked the trendy Bill Jordan Realtree AP Snow camo pattern and added headrest covers The front seat covers cost $341 and the rears, $331.
Optimal positioning of headrests, especially in older cars, helps to reduce the effect of whiplash.
According to Designboom, the B-Tourist works like a gigantic elastic strap that tucks behind the headrests on your seat, and the seat in front of you, creating a ring of privacy while flying, Fox News reported.
The Comfort Airlite massage table's accessories include a curved ergonomic headrest with a memory foam face pillow, a removable neck bolster, side armrests, a reinforced armsling, and a standard carrying case.
The aircraft will feature Boeing's Sky Interior new, custom-designed seats featuring a six-way adjustable headrest and the carrier's standard three inches of recline in the main cabin, according to Alaska.
Inside there are touches like Art Deco headrest embroidery, bespoke inlays on piano black veneer and tread plates sporting an Art Deco motif.
If you have a very old or spongy headrest, think about replacing it or buying an add-on pad.
Which politician was accused of trying to hide the fact he was travelling first class after aides removed train headrest covers for a TV interview?
It has a recessed, padded headrest and padded gunrest, plus fast-access dual side flagging holes.
You will also see the headrest displayed here by Alison Leppard, a British Museum assistant who was in Sunderland to help mount the exhibition.