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Crufts has taken on a new lease of life in recent years with the arrival of genial Ben Fogle and eye-candy Matt Baker joining headmistressy Clare Balding and the everyouthful Peter Purvis as presenters.
Not in a humorous "you daft moo" sort of way, but more your headmistressy "now I know you're really stupid" tone of reprimand.
Perhaps it was Warnock's headmistressy authorial voice that caused her blurbist to tell us that she explains how to distinguish right from wrong "in no uncertain terms.
Last but not least, Clare Balding is proving an inspired choice as chief presenter, with her relaxed, engaging and authoritative style-coolly commanding in the nicest possible, headmistressy way and great fun too
I now take great (but private) glee in watching my sister get hot under her headmistressy collar when she can't find a street free to park her little Fiat.