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presiding officer of a school

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PREDICTABLE that the Jockey Club's headmasterly approach over the mobile phone ban led to Sandown today being scrapped.
It's hard to see those same players falling over themselves to win gold stars from the headmasterly figure of Howard Wilkinson.
A HEADMASTERLY lecture on inflation delivered in Dublin by European Central Bank President Wim Duisenberg has run up against a brick wall of scepticism in the capital.
The work that is involved in claiming the right to speak sometimes dominates what is actually being said; there is a Du Boisian ostentation, for example, in West's parading of his dazzling erudition, and some of his occasionally strained attempts to assert the interconnectedness of everything with everything else recall the contorted headmasterly postures of C.
Speaker Thomas was a teacher before entering Parliament and relished his headmasterly role, admonishing badly behaved MP's like errant pupils.
His headmasterly tones and fearsome presence ensured his character became one of the most popular iconic televison presences of the seventies.
I object to this quite strongly, and not just for its headmasterly tone.