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a wrestling hold in which the opponent's head is locked between the crook of your elbow and the side of your body

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Ms Atkinson added: "He grabbed her in a headlock and dragged her outside.
As he counted down, she ran away but he pulled her back by the hair, grabbed her in another headlock and said: "You're coming with me.
Cows accustomed to headlocks may also waste less feed, Josefsson says.
Farmers who don't have headlocks may pay up to 50 percent more for AI or veterinary services, Josefsson adds.
When it's all added up, installing headlocks will bring an annual net profit of about $43 per cow each year from reduced feed costs and labor savings.
Josefsson notes that headlocks aren't a good idea in three-row or six-row barns; there isn't enough space for all the cows to eat at once, he says.
The playful headlocks on players, the quick grin we've seen for eight seasons, at times seeming more forced than genuine.
De La Torre (34-5), who has one of the region's most devastating headlocks, pinned defending-section champion Silva three consecutive times over two seasons, most recently Jan.
I know for sure if Conrad stays out of that headlock, he's got a much better chance of winning.
Leonardo Donato plays Henry as a big, athletic bear of a man who playfully grabs acquaintances in headlocks and tousles their hair.
But Ricky - whose 60s ring name was "Iron Lock" Dawson - grabbed the thief in a headlock and pinned him to the pavement until the police arrived.