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a powerful light with reflector

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The P&V researchers want to make sure drivers are able to travel as safely at night and in rain, fog, snowfall, and other traffic situations in which oncoming cars produce headlamp glare as they can in the sunshine.
Without good batteries, a headlamp is nothing more than worthless plastic.
The AFS redirects low-beam headlamps individually in a horizontal direction in accordance with steering angle and vehicle speed.
This study used a commercially available small wattage metal-halide lamp similar in makeup to what the final headlamp design is expected to be.
New look: The Mazda6 gets distinctive headlamp clusters, a lower front spoiler and a prominent badge.
The actress's car was taken to a nearby garage, where the eBay advertiser helped himself to its headlamp.
Scanning ahead with my headlamp, I detected a hole in the thick stuff where a deer might have gone through.
Headlamps and front or rear fog lamps must not cause dazzle or discomfort to other road users and must always be switched off when you park.
The Ultra 7 LED (pictured) is a multi-function headlamp with seven white LED bulbs and three modes of operation.
Headlamp: Petzi's Zipka LED headlamp adjusts to fit the head, helmet, wrist, arm, pack or whatever is desired.
POLICE are trying to trace youths who smashed a taxi driver's headlamp with a hockey stick and then broke his windscreen.
The Mercedes E-Class technology is a further refinement of an earlier "high-beam assistant" system, combining Hella's "dynamic bend lighting," which nearly doubles the range of low-beam lights, and Advanced Frontlighting System (AFS), featuring a VarioX headlamp module.
com/research/jh46hv/osram_ostar) has announced the addition of the "OSRAM OSTAR: Automotive Headlamp Pro - Reverse Costing Analysis" report to their offering.
Auto Business News-April 17, 2014--Halla develops matrix LED headlamp system
Essential Gear[TM] has a bunch of new flashlights and headlamps for 2004 including the Luxeon[TM] Star 1-Watt Headlamp.