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Synonyms for headhunter

a recruiter of personnel (especially for corporations)

a savage who cuts off and preserves the heads of enemies as trophies

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It is essential that the headhunter goes beyond traditional "we know your business better than anyone else" or "we have done similar searches that have been very successful and here is our list".
Every headhunters I talked to used back-checking, and the groups they most wanted to interrogate were former subordinates.
Perry was given Bond's name by a bank executive who though he was the right prospect for a search the headhunter was conducting.
Most headhunters, and we are no exception, receive several CVs each day from people considering a move.
Headhunters find job candidates for their clients, the employers.
When I asked about his network, he said he'd rather put his faith in headhunters because he has no time to network.
Headhunters need to develop increasingly specialised knowledge to be able to seek out the type of candidates companies are looking for.
average score for all 83 skill attributes examined in the study) across the headhunter, practitioner, and educator respondents.
And while candidates need to understand that a headhunter acts as the agent of the organization paying him or her, they should also understand that we are working to build win-win relationships.
Headhunter, third in the 1997 Gimcrack Stakes when trained by William Haggas, beat Swiss Law by a length and a quarter.
So, the 'short and sweet' of it is - if you want to get ahead, get on the side of the headhunter.
The first time I worked with a headhunter was a positive experience was very professional--and knew when to push the right buttons and when to off," says Berkeley "Most of all, he helped me evaluate the opportunity and [recognized] that I need to look out for my own career," he recalls.
On the other hand, when the headhunter carries off the scalp of your top salesperson to your competitor, the process tends to be regarded in a somewhat different light.
HireVue COO, Chip Luman, Interviewed Regarding the Unforeseen Rapid Adoption of Video Interviewing in Corporate America on Two National Radio Shows - The Big Biz Show and HeadHunter Radio
This is only true if both the candidate and the hiring organizations can bring the headhunter paying clients.