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the hoist at the pithead of a mine

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stable gear consisting of any part of a harness that fits about the horse's head

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MODERNISED systems for distinguishing between different types of headgear on racecards in Ireland could be in place as early as next month, writes Jessica Lamb.
Our customers have reported immediate improvements in comfort and protection with Versaflo M-series headgear, " he stated.
Compared to glass-filled nylon, which 3M initially considered for the headgear shells, Xenoy resin delivers superior low-temperature ductility for consistent impact performance in cold weather.
Aim told National Public Radio the special exception for religious headgear shows that Austria "is trying to serve religion and churches without any apparent need.
Headgear plans to relocate its showroom to the 460,000 s/f property owned by Savitt Partners and located in the heart of the Fashion District at 39th Street, by June 1, 2009.
The headgear features magnifying lenses, camera and lights which are aligned in seconds to the surgeon's head by using a 3D scan.
The new headgear features magnifying lenses, camera and lights which are aligned in seconds to the surgeon's head by using a 3D scan; current models can take up to 15 minutes to be fitted correctly, adding extra time to an operation.
Apply a little silicone grease to threads on the base of the headgear assembly before reinserting in the tap body.
Following the Oklahoma headgear legislation, a Minnesota Republican legislator has introduced a similar bill banning headgear in driver's license photos.
Cairo: Donning Palestinian headgear, popularly known as the kaffiyah, Ahmad Shaaban, a dealer in fashion accessories in Cairo's famed bazaar - Khan Al Khalili - is seeing far busier trade than usual.
The company says, along with these new looks, the redesigned headgear features improved ventilation along with fore and aft adjustments for a more individualized fit.
The images on the Near Eastern stelae, named 'Bethsaida group' after the eponymous type-site on the Sea of Galilee, were identified as representations of the god Baal, and the adoption of horned headgear in south-western Iberia was viewed as an indication of the incorporation of Near Eastern religious symbolism into local belief systems during the Orientalising period.
Some CPAP interface manufacturers are making changes to headgear that eliminates extra straps that touch the face.
And yet, hoods and headgear worn by other generations can be just as off-putting as teenage hoodies.
The French National Assembly voted in February to ban students from wearing religious headgear and jewelry in the country's public schools.