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the quantity of information that a head will hold

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a covering over the surface of your head

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Against a postmodern background, to someone with a headful of indeterminacy poetics, their sincerity must seem, well, touchingly simplistic.
Andrea says the trend has been apparent for some time, exemplified by the likes of Jennifer Ellison and Coleen Rooney who are regularly snapped out and about with a headful of curlers.
Because, after all, when you begin to believe in your own BS, you enter the state that I call self-hypnotic, ideational trance, and pretty soon you've got a headful of self-hypnotic ideational trance.
AT 50 women have to accept that they will either have to live with a headful of grey hairs or visit their hairdresser every four-to-six weeks for hair colouring.
The branding decision was trickier when FedEx acquired Kinko's, so named because founder Paul Orfalea had a headful of curly red hair and was nicknamed Kinko.
O'Gara booted another three points as Ireland pulled 10 points clear but the performance has left coach Eddie O'Sullivan with a headful of problems for Paris.
Allecto has a headful of black snakes, one of which she dispatches into the heart of Amata, the queen of Latium and mother of Aeneas' destined bride Lavinia (Aeneid 7.
Anyone who enjoys sifting through a headful of Oriental data will discover a hidden international Islamist map of Wales.
Debra Messing paired a headful of riotous red curls with a form-fitting black lace over-the-knee dress, while Allison Janney chose a slimming pantsuit for her little black number.
Hartson, it seems, signed up with Advanced Hair Studio, whose natural regrowing technique once also persuaded Graham Gooch to get himself a new headful.
When his stuff really cooks, as Blue Velvet, the TV series Twin Peaks, and the underrated Lost Highway did, it has the volcanic energy of a headful of dreams ready to burst from the cumulative pressure of neglect.
SHOPPERS stared in disbelief as Martha Young said goodbye to a headful of hair and hello to a painted flag of Guyana on her shaved scalp.
On a TV quiz show a combination of luck and a headful of trivia can earn a million in 20 minutes.
So as not to tax you with a headful of numbers, I regularly describe wines from 0 to 0.