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bravery and enormous sacrifice--falls on the heels of similar disrespectful misappropriation by singer Pharrell Williams and reality television personality Khloe Kardashian, who each wore Native headdresses in recent photo-shoots.
These headdresses, traditionally worn by members of the upper class on special occasions, are made of beads, gemstones, fabric and even fake hair and are worn by women from the Songhai and Tuareg communities.
Headdresses and hats can be as delicate as a tiny tiara, or as audacious as an explosion of feathers and sequins.
It takes Simone about half-an-hour to get into her costumes, the headdresses which are so heavy often cut into the shoulders, and it takes an hour to apply her make-up.
A display of 10 headdresses, including a 5-foot Kayapo macaw-and-heron feather headdress from Brazil, a Yup'ik bentwood hunting hat adorned with ivory carvings from the Arctic and a rare Assiniboine antelope-horn headdress from the northern Plains.
The Beach House Hideaway collection focuses on a bleached-out pastel palette, while Fantasy Island is packed with bright metals, twisted and knotted neckwear in rainbow colours and, for those who dare, showstopping feathered headdresses.
Carved wooden Ikem headdresses covered with stretched untanned antelope skin are a characteristic art form of the Ejagham, or Ekoi, peoples of southeastern Nigeria and western Cameroon.
The masks and headdresses will be worn at a catwalk event at Arc.
The three to five-year-olds who took part in a sponsored singalong, wearing animal headdresses, loved every minute of it.
com for a wide range of headdresses at great prices.
He'd make them bunny rabbits, poodles, Indian headdresses, all out of balloons.
Eight reservists of the new Third Battalion of the Royal Welsh, who are serving in Basra in Southern Iraq, were presented with their regimental headdresses and cap badges by the infantry regiment's commanding officer.
Mali, Segou; Bamana, Pair of Headdresses (Chiwara Kunw).
A quick glance at some of the figures, ironically, and several of the figures seem to resemble one another, with their pointed headdresses and bug-eyed countenances.
The second part of the book focuses on arguably Africa's best-known sculptural genre, the Ci Wara headdresses of the Bamana peoples of Mali.