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Behind them sat Anna Mikhaylovna wearing a green headdress and with a happy look of resignation to the will of God on her face.
Through narrowed lids the Princess of Helium scrutinized the Jeddak of Manator, from feathered headdress to sandaled foot and back to feathered headdress.
Virginia took a keen delight in watching the Malays and lascars at their work, telling von Horn that she had to draw upon her imagination but little to picture herself a captive upon a pirate ship--the half naked men, the gaudy headdress, the earrings, and the fierce countenances of many of the crew furnishing only too realistically the necessary savage setting.
The savage headdress of the Dyaks, the long, narrow, decorated shields, the flashing blades of parang and kris sent a shudder through the girl, so close they seemed beneath the schooner's side.
What would his fellow peers in the House of Lords have said had one pointed to this dancing giant, with his barbaric headdress and his metal ornaments, and said: "There, my lords, is John Clayton, Lord Greystoke.
a Frisian girl," said the Prince, as he observed Rosa's gold brocade headdress and red petticoat.
I gave her all my old clothes, even my old hats, though she always wears her Breton headdress.
Creevy--La Creevy,' replied the voice, as a yellow headdress bobbed over the banisters.
She was dressed in red cotton, in a pointed, beaded headdress and thick leather shoes; she was cracking nuts and laughing.
She created a carnival inspired headdress that incorporated exotic feathers, flowers and butterflies in hot tropical colours.
His community work includes involvement in the Kainai Headdress Society, Kainai Pow Wow, Army Cadets, the Special Olympics Torch Run and he sits on the Pikanii Youth and Education Foundation Board.
Perhaps that's the point now; to just use the headdress to gain headlines and attention to sell product.
London, June 22 ( ANI ): Khloe Kardashian has sparked outrage among her fans after posting a photo of herself wearing a Native American headdress on Instagram, it has been revealed.
THE grandson of a captured king whose headdress was taken as a spoil of the Anglo-Zulu war and held in a Welsh museum has called for its return.
Beyonce in Givenchy came over all Josephine Baker on us with her Twenties-styling and headdress.