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number of people in a particular group


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Ruling on whether the headcounts amount to a disproportionate interference with human rights, Mr Justice Treacy said prison safety and security is the primary responsibility for the service.
In pessimist scenario we model sales, cost of sales, direct labour fluctuation and direct headcounts.
Regarding "direct headcount", there was an increasing of direct headcount due to BCN transfer in November 2007, and then we have continuously decreasing it based a very strict control and labour efficiency increasing.
Researched companies boosted headcounts from an average of 5 Phase II FTEs to 10 Phase IIIa FTEs.
These plans allow adequate space for the headcounts with an average mix of workplace standards, providing for maximum flexibility as the move-in date approaches.
Rising capital expenditures, revenue and headcounts among the leading indicators of revitalized U.