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number of people in a particular group


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Dakota State University at Madison reported the greatest percentage growth in both its headcount (3.
I think there is a fourth reason for headcount growth, and it's a counter-intuitive one: technology.
It is vital for the quality and sustainability of the service that we avoid using simple measures such as a headcount to reflect the complex factors affecting the stability and appropriate skill mix of the workforce.
The bank reduced its US headcount from 16,000 to 15,000, and has listed India as one of the seven 'priority growth markets' within Asia.
The rapid growth of the middle classes in many Asian markets means that the current headcount within the business is encountering difficulty accommodating the ever-growing workload.
Many companies in Bahrain are showing signs of improvement in job creation as the political situation stabilises further: 30pc of companies expect to increase their headcount, compared with only 9pc last year.
So far SHUAA has reduced its headcount by 39 per cent, implying cost savings of AED 46 million.
He said: "In the first half of the year net headcount was down about 1,400.
Simon Bromwell, Director - Commerce & Industry of Robert Walters Japan comments: "With many firms having undergone a period of downsizing two years ago, we are finding many managers are now rebuilding their teams and quickly adding headcount.
BANGALORE -- The world's largest property title insurance company Fidelity National Financial (FNF) will increase its headcount in India this year as it transfers more work from the US to its captive centre based in Bangalore.
UBS has revealed that it has hired 420 in the fixed- income, currency and commodities business, including 225 at managing director or executive director level, boosting headcount by twenty percent.
5% of PHBs reducing headcount, in sharp contrast to the 27% reporting cuts the year before.
Changes that have been made to the 2009-2010 Annual Enrollment Report include: (1) "Headcount and Average Age by Gender" now reports the average age at each college broken down by gender, full-time and part-time status; (2) "Headcount by County" and "Full-time Equivalency by County" now include tracking of international students; (3) Faculty headcounts are verified once per academic year during the fall term; therefore, the faculty to student ratios will now be reported only for the fall term; (4) "Ten Year History of Headcount and FTE" now includes a comparison to the previous year's enrollment; and (5) New race and ethnicity categories have been added to meet U.
Regarding "direct headcount", there was an increasing of direct headcount due to BCN transfer in November 2007, and then we have continuously decreasing it based a very strict control and labour efficiency increasing.
Management and support headcount: Headcount of management and support activities was 13.