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a vertical board or panel forming the head of a bedstead

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To enhance this feeling of spaciousness we designed a new headboard with strong vertical elements to balance the room's high soffits and relatively low windows.
Ms Watkeys lost three front teeth and needed twelve stitches to sew her lip back together when she was attacked by another woman's boyfriend with a metal headboard in April last year.
Open procedure for the provision, in 2 separate lots, systems headboard wall and ceiling cabinets (lot 1) and monitoring systems (lot 2).
SAVE Antoinette Headboard, Next PS225 Inspire Balls Table Lamp Smoke, Homebase PS18.
The image features a fleshy mottled-red sheer curtain (or shroud) before which rises an ornate, faux-everything headboard.
The Orthos adjustable headboard is designed to provide lower back support when sitting up in bed while the Orthos lumbar support headboard is curved to mirror the spine.
Adam Morris, 23, a cerebral palsy sufferer who had no control over his movements, died after his head became jammed between a headboard and a safety rail while at a Rhondda Cynon Taf Council home.
The pine wood KRITTER beds have animal cut-outs, such as a dog and cat on the headboard and a date stamp of 1114 to 1322 representing the year and week of production (YYWW).
3 Ditch your heavy headboard if you can store it elsewhere and replace it with your own version.
The toddler size also has a built-in headboard and air bumpers down the side so little ones can't roll out.
He's the envy of all his mates with his green mattress, crowd scenes on the base and the England flag on the headboard.
Interior designer Lori Carroll created a bedroom that takes the headboard to new heights--via a wall.
The third work, perhaps the most telling in terms of the artist's interest in the potency of the bed as physical and symbolic material, is Suture Mastic, 1994, which presents a small wedge of space between a regular mattress (complete with mirrored headboard, box spring, and bedframe) and four mattresses cantilevered off the mirrored headboard.
I am thinking about having a custom headboard for my bedroom.