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a fan of heavy metal music

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As revealed in yesterday's Record, Dancing On Ice competitor Hayley Tamaddon was petrified when she was asked to do the headbanger in tomorrow's show.
The thankful actress said: "She said she'd never done a headbanger before.
And ask this: If Marco Materazzi really made those comments to headbanger Zinedine Zidane, would he have got on his feet so fast if he'd insulted his onetime Everton team-mate Duncan Ferguson?
An overproduced action- comedy that isn't particularly bad but not in any way exceptional, the film neither gives Foxx much opportunity to break out comedically nor toplumb the serious chops he proved he had in Oliver Stone's football headbanger.
Tory leader and Edinburgh Pentlands MSP David McLetchie said: 'I've no intention of being a headbanger and will try to avoid a collision in my office.
Director Simon West, contrary to many detractors, got a number of good acting bits into the action headbanger ``Con Air.
Free the headbanger within and dig out your air guitar.
While he wails like a headbanger for ``Stallone, Sharon Stone and chain saws,'' before bursting into tears, she sits rapturously recounting the weepy plot line in a bel canto soprano.
Even a headbanger like Nigel Farage could make a better fist of rousing a Yes vote in a referendum which the Tory leader never wanted, probably regrets calling, and now risks losing.
From Michelle's welcoming expression, she looks like she's got half a mind to perform the headbanger move on Andrea right there in the pub.
Stagg Headbanger : DJs can create a more distinct aesthetic with this exciting new entry into the Stagg family of high quality stage lighting products.
Faye Tozer added: 'We have to be really careful with our necks because there are lots of headbanger movements.
Winning the show last year, he is the only male celebrity to have performed the terrifying headbanger.
Laura Hamilton won over the judges with the infamous headbanger and was the first celeb to do it the dangerous way like the professionals by starting standing up, while Sam Attwater impressed with his solo routine.