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a band worn around or over the head

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CHC Clinic MontLgia - record 9 Lot 11 - medical fluids and bed headbands.
According to Spartan Yoga Wear, the headbands are made of a very comfortable and resilient 70% Cotton, 20% Spandex and 10% Polyester material making it an ideal choice for wearing while exercising.
Sonakshi Sinha, who flaunted a gold Amrapali headband at the Filmfare Awards, said that headbands are a great way to add a little something to your hairstyle.
1 Dab glue on one end of headband and press the end of one piece of embroidery floss into it.
You can either wear a traditional headband or go for a posy that sits on your head.
Like all SOL REPUBLIC headphones, the tokidoki and TKDK Tracks HD models offer unique interchangeable SoundTrack headbands and cables, allowing users to create endless custom styles featuring many of the favorite characters from tokidoki culture.
According to Joni Odum, marketing director, fashion-conscious women can look effortlessly chic this winter with the Evolve Silky Wrap Scarf and Evolve Silky Knot Headband.
Headbands & Hairstyles" is a creative crafts book for girls age 8 and up with fabulous ideas for designing personalized headbands of many styles.
MUST BUY: Oversized headbands to protect your hairline this summer.
When I design jewellery, I work with the seasons in mind, and I think now is prime time for headbands.
BACK in the 80s, the TV show Fame hit upon a winning formula - headbands, blusher and Lycra leggings.
Demonstrators will wear red headbands in solidarity with Buddhist monks during marches in London and other
99) can be used to make a colorful array of soft and flexible necklaces, headbands, bracelets, and more.
Writer Although its popularity peaked in the day when players wore short-shorts, striped-tube socks and wide headbands to hold back shaggy perms, racquetball is enjoying a bit of a comeback in the San Fernando Valley.
Sequin headbands, pounds 8 for 2, Marks & Spencer Green & gold sequin headband, pounds 5, Accessorize Pewter skinny headband, pounds 4, Oasis