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a band worn around or over the head

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Glue the start of the fabric ribbon on the inside of the headband, at one of the ends.
The Combination Pack sells for $95 and includes both a headset and headphones, headband, two dangles, and two carrying pouches, all packaged in a travel case.
Big jewellery is a key theme this season while the ethnic inspired headband is an individual touch that makes this outfit stand out.
Snow Tunes thermal musical headband comes with speakers to plug into your personal stereo, pounds 19.
Violet Love headbands have been featured on national media, including The Today Show.
The headband tracks the brain in an active state, while the user is instructed to remain calm and focused on a specific, three-minute thought exercise.
The team that came up with the inception-style headband and raised funds worth 200,000 dollars invented the product to enable people to take control of their dreams.
An elegant headband slider of brushed stainless steel provides maximum comfort and adjustability; while the headband and the ear cups worked from soft and supple leather of the finest quality ensure ultimate wearing comfort.
This package comprises of ten Enersound R-120 Digital FM Receivers, one Transmitter with a factory preset channel, and one Standard Headband Microphone DLX.
FOOTBALL mad Vaughan Lovelock is aiming to score big time with his invention - a headband which he says helps soccer players score more goals.
In a more cryptic move, he then tied a white headband depicting a Star of David, a cross and a Muslim symbol around his head.
A flexible headband and reference star with reflective markers is attached to the patient's head, and the registration is done with a special wireless Softouch[TM] pointer.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Committed to changing the world one listener at a time, SOL REPUBLIC today announced two "world's first" headphone guarantees - the "1,000 Day Tracks Sound Track Headband Guarantee" and "Ear Tips for Life.