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a band worn around or over the head

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8 Sew a tight running stitch down either side of the headband, stitching the bias rectangle onto the back of the rose to hold it in place.
But looking back, wearing the headband to protect the wound on my forehead seems to have brought us luck amazingly.
The company is very happy to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every Spartan Yoga Wear Headband sold.
They were designed with a wicking headband to absorb sweat and allow some outside sound in, making them safer, company officials add.
The so A[degrees]called 'Alice band' works by bouncing informaA[degrees]tion from sensors mounted on street furniture to a receiver in the wearer's headband.
The purpose of the Muse brain-sensing headband is to clear your mind of distractions, CNet reported.
4 Lay the trim flat against the headband and then attach it using the same piece of floss.
The series also incorporates an electrically insulated twin headband design that reduces heat buildup and provides outstanding fit and balance.
The line starts at $100 for Sol Republic's V8 sound engines, a virtually indestructible headband and a cable with an in-line microphone.
The tokidoki headphone features a pink color inset on the headband and a white cable, while the TKDK version features a deep-purple logo inset, black cable and a darker character inset on the headband.
Now her "labor of love" among her many pursuits is Wingbandits, winged headbands inspired by a winged headband she had as a child.
It is adjustable and can be worn with temples or a headband as required.
an adjustable and electronically welded headband keeps the frame snugly in place.
11 -- The Philips SHL5001 headband headphones are aimed at the traveller, and hence have a 1.
Including supplies for starting the headband creations (two plastic headbands, an elastic headband, sequins and beads, glue and ribbon), the instructions list additional supplies that may be found at home, or in a craft store or fabric store.