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Infants born to mothers attempting to deliver vaginally before the 32nd week of pregnancy are as likely to survive as those delivered by a planned cesarean, provided the fetus is in the head-first position, according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health.
Witnesses estimated that Mr Cranch was launched 30 to 40ft into the air by the cannon before falling head-first to his death as the safety net lay flat on the ground.
The 33-year-old plunged 20 feet head-first down a rock face.
A ram-raider ran head-first through a plate glass door at a school before dusting himself down then running back out through the hole with a pounds 2,500 plasma TV.
Phil Pleasant provided Desert with a much-needed spark to thwart the comeback attempt, diving head-first across the scorer's table for a loose ball.
It is believed she fell head-first off the platform after suffering a fit of some kind.
After considering everything from skiing to speed skating, Faisel, who played soccer in Iraq, has settled on skeleton, the head-first rush down the same banked, twisting track used for bobsledding.
She said: "I need pounds 200 to take part or pounds 300 if I want to do the more outrageous head-first or upside down version of the zip.
The band may only venture out of the crib to expel their 30 or so minutes of stage noise, and then immediately dive head-first through the slider door back to safety.
The most deformed of those embryos hatched out in an abnormal, head-first fashion and could not swim well enough to survive.