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a content word that can be qualified by a modifier

(grammar) the word in a grammatical constituent that plays the same grammatical role as the whole constituent


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Because "Does", the head word of this sentence, is classified as a general verb.
Derivatives include prefixed and suffixed forms and compound terms derived from the head word.
There is in the gana-s no discernible principle for deciding a specific sequence of the words listed, and Panini--if be had formulated the gana-s--could easily have chosen different head words to clearly indicate the intended gana.
The position/depth of a dependency within the dependency tree is calculated as the distance from the root of the node corresponding to the head word of the dependency.
04-45) * unless obvious = related to a target (bold) head word, excluding pre- and suffixes, altho reusing the repeater prefix re- is also a weakness if crucial to the definition.
Then the first coordinated word takes the head word of the coordinating conjunction (punctuation) and the coordinating conjunction or punctuation is made to point to the first coordinated word.
Ideally, no words in the acronym should be related to the head word etymologically.
Fourthly, the head words for the bird names do not allow for a sense of word use and distribution as a whole.
The candidates for intraclausal coordinations are searched for with the heuristic rule, stating that all the head words (in bold in Fig.
There are also several convenient ways to scroll through the list of head words or the entries themselves and it is also possible to leave bookmarks in the text of an entry and return to it later.
Finally, the Encarta World English Dictionary 2001 provides 10,000 new head words and 18,000 new audio pronunciations, an updated 2001 almanac, and an updated MS Press Computer/ Internet Dictionary that contains definitions for computer and Internet-related terms.
Take, for instance, the issue of head words and their relationship to other words.
These, the contributions of volunteer workers over the years, consisted of head words with quotations.
Web-3) that are either solo head words or independent first words of head phrases where the second word is merely a generic type, like day for day lily, eta for eta palm.
But OAD is only about thrice as big as a pocket dictionary, 180,000 words counting all inflections or about half that many head words.