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a content word that can be qualified by a modifier

(grammar) the word in a grammatical constituent that plays the same grammatical role as the whole constituent


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There is in the gana-s no discernible principle for deciding a specific sequence of the words listed, and Panini--if be had formulated the gana-s--could easily have chosen different head words to clearly indicate the intended gana.
The position/depth of a dependency within the dependency tree is calculated as the distance from the root of the node corresponding to the head word of the dependency.
Ideally, no words in the acronym should be related to the head word etymologically.
Web-3) that are either solo head words or independent first words of head phrases where the second word is merely a generic type, like day for day lily, eta for eta palm.
The candidates for intraclausal coordinations are searched for with the heuristic rule, stating that all the head words (in bold in Fig.
The PMK-540 is based on the Kumsung English-Korean/Korean-English print dictionaries each containing more than 170,000 head words.
The PM350 will initially be marketed under the SII brand and hosts the Sanseido Gem English-Japanese/Japanese-English Dictionaries each containing more than 30,000 head words per language.
Take, for instance, the issue of head words and their relationship to other words.
But OAD is only about thrice as big as a pocket dictionary, 180,000 words counting all inflections or about half that many head words.
Unreferenced examples are OED, Second Edition, head words, variant forms or text words including citations.
Unreferenced words can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition (oed) as head words, variant forms and text words including citations.
Words not assigned a reference can be found in the OED, Second Edition as head words, variant forms and text words including citations.