head voice

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the higher ranges of the voice in speaking or singing

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Women frequently go into their head voice and can be perceived as less credible and persuasive than men.
What is so astonishing is that the break in her voice is difficult to detect; the lovely, velvety quality of the chest voice seems to go up and up until she has assumed the head voice without any loss of the velvety tone.
So to use those kind of tones on this album was great - it's obviously not opera but it's bringing a bit of that register of the head voice in.
The voice is rich, round and full, although one of the CD's highlights is Federico's lament from L'Arlesiana by Cilea, when Hervieux beautifully slips into head voice at the exposed text "il dolce sembiante" (her sweet face) as Federico longs for the girl from Aries.
Ms McDermott is also head voice coach at Fiery Feet Dance Studio in Leamington Spa and the Warwickshire-based Teen Idol project.
Mezzo-soprano Gabrielle Prata (Lalume) had difficulty negotiating the passagio between her Broadway and opera voice, and sounded like a grating clutch moving between chest and head voice.
If he didn't make as strong a mark as the other principals, it was perhaps because his reliance on head voice tends to produce a constricted sound even when it should soar.
And Ben Heppner struggled with the key passages that hover around the transition between chest and head voices.
Mizuho head voices readiness to buy own shares to support stock price