head trip

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Synonyms for head trip

an exciting or stimulating experience


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the act of satisfying your own desires and giving yourself pleasure

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Head Trip Tingler Scalp Massager Stimulate Your Circulation, $18.
For Dickerson, white racism is one giant head trip, and thus can only be as effective as black people's gusto for white approval allows it to be.
It is estimated, with around 700,000 passengers a year from Cardiff and an average per head trip spend of pounds 200, that around pounds 140m of Welsh income is spent overseas as a result of BMIbaby flights from Cardiff.
If I had edited this chapter, I would have returned it to the author with a note to skip the argument and get to the point because the point is a good one, and much better than the argument, which is just a silly head trip.
You can really take a head trip and envision yourself on the set of the Voyagers state of the art TV studio with news anchor Carole Simpson and TV commentator Tavis Smiley for NPNS televised town hall meetings of African American leaders that will be sailing with you.
Finally, gay people have a keen awareness that spiritual life is not a head trip but a heart trip.
It may have been five years since Pixar was able to insinuate an animated contender into the best picture field, but this highly original head trip scored the most glowing reviews for the toon powerhouse since "Ratatouille.
A head trip for all occasions, Momento can inspire religious visions--or sleazy fantasies.
Upcoming films include a remake of the Disney comedy ``The Shaggy Dog''; Richard Linklater's animated sci-fi head trip, ``A Scanner Darkly''; Downey's ``Wonder Boys''; director Curtis Hanson's gambling saga, ``Lucky You''; David (``Seven'') Fincher's true-crime piece, ``Zodiac''; the Nicole Kidman-starring biography of photographer Diane Arbus, ``Fur''; and maybe even the title role in Sylvester Stallone's long-awaited movie about Edgar Allan Poe.
Phil and Vera, whose mum and sister lived in Middlesbrough, saw an advert for the pounds 165 a head trip in Middlesbrough Station last November and booked up.
It's a beautiful head trip, not a book of emotions, much less anecdotes.
Instead he takes up skiing, exchanging his anxious, New York boho head trip for an in-the-moment flight from consciousness.
It's a head trip to be sure, but not meant to be a head scratcher.
A soul-cleansing by hellfire does wonders to jolt Patterson's suppressed memories on the Radiohead-inspired head trip, "Hold It To the Fire".
An eerie enough head trip, but hardly worth such a sacrifice.