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Synonyms for headstone

Synonyms for headstone

the central building block at the top of an arch or vault

a stone that is used to mark a grave

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Now with Eileen's help, we are trying to work out how to get a military head stone for James Roddy, something we can visit and something we can explain to our little Jake Roddy when he is old enough to understand.
The stone which the builders refused is to become the head stone of the corner.
One head stone is in an obelisk shape and carries the message "Everything is possible.
If your luck is in, the grave plot will have a head stone with an inscription which can give even more information.
He wanted a tree, not a head stone, as a grave marker and he wanted to be able to feed that tree by recycling his body as compost.
Dubbed by police as an ``unprecedented'' attack, the gang smashed two grave slabs, one head stone, five vase blocks, 10 ornaments, including vases and memorial angels, and every window in the caretaker's shed at Bridgend Cemetery.
James was meant to get buried in the grave next door with his dad and we hadn't put the head stone back.
But I can't even put up a head stone because I don't know the exact date she died - only the killer knows that.
I bought an ornament of an angel which was glued on the head stone.
This was formally just known as Grave 594 until Terry Kavanagh and the Merseyside Former Boxers Association erected a head stone.
I was very concerned that they may have also damaged the head stone.
Sadness because the multitude of white head stones and the names inscribed on the memorial panels represented so many, often young lives, cut short.
A pathway leads to an area where a number of original head stones are located.
Do they see head stones, newly planted in a concrete-solid, invincible row?
Department of Veteran Affairs only provides American flags and engraved marble head stones, according to Heilhecker.