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Synonyms for headstone

Synonyms for headstone

the central building block at the top of an arch or vault

a stone that is used to mark a grave

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And 16 years later he died aged 69 and he was buried, but no head stone has ever been dedicated to him.
She was looking to transfer some of her future settlement payments to pay off credit card debt, her mounting medical bills and purchase a head stone for her daughter.
Betty's badly-battered body was found by another of her sons, David, in Flat Head stone quarry near her home on September 26, 1862.
If I was going to have a party or a wedding I would arrange it myself, I've even ordered my head stone and written the words myself.
They kicked down the head stone, destroyed floral tributes and overturned a bench at Carnmoney Cemetery in North Belfast.
HISTORIC FIGURES: Head stone of Moses Samuel (Founder of H.
As part of the overhaul, some gravestones in Solihull's Robin Hood Cemetery have been declared unsafe and earmarked for remedial work, which includes repositioning the head stone.
At its simplest, a natural burial is the burial of an unembalmed body, in a biodegradable coffin or shroud in land where there is a living memorial, such as a tree or a wild meadow, rather than the use of a head stone," said Mike.
The stone which the builders refused is to become the head stone of the corner.
If your luck is in, the grave plot will have a head stone with an inscription which can give even more information.
He wanted a tree, not a head stone, as a grave marker and he wanted to be able to feed that tree by recycling his body as compost.
Dubbed by police as an ``unprecedented'' attack, the gang smashed two grave slabs, one head stone, five vase blocks, 10 ornaments, including vases and memorial angels, and every window in the caretaker's shed at Bridgend Cemetery.
James was meant to get buried in the grave next door with his dad and we hadn't put the head stone back.
But I can't even put up a head stone because I don't know the exact date she died - only the killer knows that.
The Pontem(TM) Professional Cemetery Management Program not only makes it harder to 'lose someone' in the cemetery, but the program makes it easier for anyone doing family genealogy by allowing other images such as birth certificates, obituaries, photographs, death certificates, even photos of the head stone, and favorite family photos of the deceased to be kept," says Goss.