head start

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Synonyms for head start

Synonyms for head start

a factor conducive to superiority and success

Synonyms for head start

the advantage gained by beginning early (as in a race)


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Teams of employees will be visiting Higher Horizons Head Start centers in Falls Church, VA; multiple Edward C.
None of the Head Start programs in Worcester County are among those immediately affected, Mr.
In this article, we assess the impact of Head Start participation on adult smoking behavior using data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) and its supplements on early childhood education and health.
Head Start programs serve children and offer social services to families who live below the poverty line and are funded by a blend of state and federal dollars.
The dental hygienist graduating from an accredited program has received experience in working with underserved populations such as those in Head Start and has studied the issues that present barriers to education, disease prevention and access to care.
Created in 1965, Head Start provides education, social, health and support services to preschool youngsters and their families.
Funded by California's First Five initiative, the $25,000-a-month program provides dental care to more than 500 children ages 3 to 5, at nine Head Start classrooms in North Hollywood, Pacoima and San Fernando.
Like this mother, 50 percent of families enrolled in Head Start are receiving public assistance.
Head Start is a popular program created in the 1960s to help poor students and their families attain education and health services.
This legislation will increase competition for Head Start grants, increase the role of states and local communities and help to ensure federal Head Start funds are used for their intended purpose: preparing disadvantaged children for kindergarten," said House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Boehner (R-Ohio).
One of these tasks was to use the Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Study (EHS study) as a laboratory for conducting basic theoretical research on the meaning and nature of fathering for low-income men and their children (Cabrera, Brooks-Gunn, Moore, West, Boller,& Tamis-LeMonda, 2002).
Tribal colleges would get funds to work with Head Start programs under legislation recently introduced by Sen.
The present study looked at the diverse family systems of Head Start children.
Thus was born a summer pilot project called Head Start.