head start

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Synonyms for head start

Synonyms for head start

a factor conducive to superiority and success

Synonyms for head start

the advantage gained by beginning early (as in a race)


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Under a career ladder program created through the bill, Head Start agencies can partner with historically Black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions and tribal colleges and universities to increase the number of Head Start staff earning associate and bachelor's degrees.
Created in 1965, Head Start provides education, social, health and support services to preschool youngsters and their families.
This study's aim was to investigate how Head Start parents, administrators, and staff in three different models of full-day programs described and evaluated these services.
Full-day Head Start services are important, given that the quality of care that is available to low-income families is highly uneven (Phillips, 1995).
Oppose re-competition of high performance Head Start grantees when vague and arbitrary standards are used in determining grant status.
Meanwhile, the administration now mandates that all 4-year-olds in Head Start take part in a new, standardized assessment in literacy and math.
However, before that discussion took place a number of course-related issues were finalized by the instructor and/or the director of the Head Start program.
Each representative received pansies in a flower pot decorated with brightly painted handprints of Head Start children.
As the research suggests, some Head Start agencies have seized on this opportunity to improve service delivery and outcomes.
Suggestive evidence that Head Start might influence the smoking behavior of participants comes from evaluations of other preschool programs that targeted low-income children.
The 3-year-old was taking a recess during her 31/2-hour class at Head Start of Lane County in Springfield.
The article concludes that early screening, risk assessment, and preventive programs in WIC, Head Start, and Early Head Start populations hold a great deal of promise for preventing dental decay in high-risk children.
Head Start is administered through grants to over 1600 community-based organizations and offers comprehensive child development services including health.
As the 39-year-old federal Head Start program once again comes before Congress for reauthorization, several unanswered questions that have dogged the program since its inception should be considered.