head sea

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a sea in which the waves are running directly against the course of the ship

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In the revamped Brasserie, the gilt head sea bream, slow roasted rump of High Faceby lamb and coconut panna cotta were all exquisite.
Rochelle said wherever he goes, he looks for the path of least resistance: "I try and run the troughs as opposed to a head sea or quartering sea.
Tuesday's early progress was brought to a grinding halt by the evening, when we ran into a rough head sea which reduced us to a miserable five knots.
We've been labouring into a head sea driven by a 20-knot wind, making around six knots through the night.
Now that I'm here, the truth is that we're in a head sea.
Thanks to the Smart Plate, which is used to shape the wake and beef it up, we were able to trim the 242 like a stern drive, so we could raise the low-slung bow when busting into the steep head seas to avoid taking on unwanted free-range ballast.
As well as a smoother ride, the reduction in pitching means less shock loads on the rigging as the yacht pounds into head seas.
Certainly following seas are much better than head seas for making progress, but they too, have their pitfalls.
The structure, installed forward between the double hulls to slice through head seas, is engineered to prevent waves from slapping the undersides of the vessel as the four Cummins diesel engines drive the boat.
During the early evening, the wind springs up, and we find ourselves battering our way through one of the most painful head seas for a long time.