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a cushion attached to the top of the back of an automobile's seat to prevent whiplash


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Insurance giants Axa and research firm Thatcham of cars have their head restraints and seats in the right place.
Also easy-entry tipping driver's seat with manual height adjustment, front passenger's underseat stowage with flip-up cushion, driver and front passenger seatback map pockets, 50:50 split/folding rear seat backs and rear-seat head restraints.
However, new research released shows less than half of drivers and passengers have their seats positioned correctly, while two thirds of us have our head restraint in an incorrect position.
In a fraction of a second it extends the front-section of the head restraint forward to support the head before it snaps backward, preventing or at least greatly mitigating serious consequences associated with whiplash.
Michael Miner, product line manager-Seating, Faurecia North America, explains that the typical head restraint has a U-shaped solid metal post that is covered with foam and fabric.
According to the charity's survey many drivers thought, incorrectly, that the top of a head restraint should be level with the neck or ears.
For wheelchair user rear-impact protection, Schneider [18] and Seeger and Caudry [19] recognized the obvious analogy with conventional motor vehicle seats more than 25 years ago and recommended a head restraint to prevent whiplash during transit.
The latest vehicle head restraint ratings reveal that consumers looking to reduce their environmental impact by buying smaller cars are being short-changed when it comes to safety.
Statements regarding how far a vehicle was knocked forward, whether the occupant's head contacted the head restraint, or whether the driver's hands came off the steering wheel can all be potentially useful pieces of information in quantifying the severity of a low-speed impact.
GRAMMER AG Automotive's innovative active head restraint system is featured on all four Chrysler Group LLC vehicles that received the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) "Top Safety Pick" for 2010.
Introducing the HANS Pro Ultra Lite Head Restraint System
The automaker is recalling the vehicle because of a head restraint issue.
Johnson Controls started early in developing head restraint systems that prevent injuries to the cervical spine or alleviate the consequences of a rear-end collision at this point in the body.
A survey by the Thatcham crash laboratory of 1,400 drivers and their vehicles showed that only a quarter of men and just 43%of women had their head restraint in the correct position
One of the problems for children aged between six and ten is that they are too big for enclosed child seats yet do not reach the adult head restraint properly.