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a cushion attached to the top of the back of an automobile's seat to prevent whiplash

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a rest for the head

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We believe the combination of prolonged immobility and compression of the occipital nerves between the bony superior nuchal ridge and the head rest are the most likely aetiology.
Some optional accessories include a racking system, cargo bag, cargo cover, head rest, and bicycle hitch.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Moulded Foam Cushion for Rear Six Seater Sleeping Birth on Moffussil Bus Size- 520x2460x90mm,Moulded Foam Back Rest for Rear Six Seater Sleeping Birth on Moffussil Bus(LH Side) Size-1185x650x25-65mm,Moulded Foam Back Rest for Rear Six Seater Sleeping Birth on Moffussil Bus(RH Side) Size-1185x650x25-65mm,Moulded Foam seat Cushion for 2x2 Bus for two seater with size 950x410x90-60mm thk,Moulded Foam for seat Back with Head Rest for 2x2 Bus for single seater with Size 700x465-455x25 mm thk.
The driver, a 19-year-old lady from Norfolk, who is a student in the area, had managed to get out of the car even though the roof had been crushed down to such a degree that it was touching the head rest.
Available in an array of bright colours, they have an aluminium frame and a padded head rest for extra comfort.
I am not aware of the names of any of these kind people, but I wish to thank them for the way in which they came to my assistance, more than one even being so kind as to remove their coat to use as a head rest and impromptu blanket in the inclement weather conditions.
No-one can predict an accident, however you can help to ensure you can minimise the extent of your injuries by ensuring you wear a seatbelt, have your seat properly adjusted for your posture and have the head rest at the correct height - a properly adjusted head rest at the level of the base of the skull should greatly decrease the severity of injury.
Let your head rest on your fingers - don't clasp your hands together.
US security services will also be considering an Israeli-style car head rest bomb, which involves building plastic explosives into a car which will be used to transport Saddam at some point.
The neck brace and the right-side head rest really helped save my neck when I got hit hard in the driver's side,'' he said.
Muscles Used: Abdominals(Rectus abdominus)Techn que: Lie on your back with your hands behind your head (let your head rest on your fingers - don't clasp your hands together).
The gadget automatically moves the head rest forward when the vehicle is hit from behind, reducing the incidence of head and neck injuries, company officials said.
KLM is also introducing a new ergonomically-improved seat for its economy class passengers on intercontinental flights that includes a fully adjustable head rest.
Tenders are invited for Disposable Head Rest Cover, 40 Gsm, Colour White For Lhb Executive Chair Car, Specification As Per Annexure A Enclosed , 1 .
So he pulls off the head rest and uses it as a booster seat.