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Frightened by hand-clapping here, a napkin there, the bird ran this way and that in sharp angles, and finally fluttered straight at the old woman, who opened her scanty grey skirts to enclose it, dropped upon it in a bundle, and then holding it out cut its head off with an expression of vindictive energy and triumph combined.
The three men stepped outside in time to see the two schooners go hastily about and head off shore, dropping mainsails and flying jibs on the run in the teeth of the squall that heeled them far over on the whitened water.
He blew nigh the top of his head off with an old musket that they had for scarin' crows with.
When I heard him I was in two minds whether or no to draw the keen blade that hung by my sturdy thigh and cut his head off in spite of his being a near relation of my own; but the men interceded for him and said, 'Sir, if it may so be, let this fellow stay here and mind the ship, but take the rest of us with you to Circe's house.
I BETTER be careful what I write in case someone goes out and blows up the local disco or cuts an innocent bystander's head off in the street - because the media is helping to radicalise Muslims.
A SPURNED lover ripped the head off his girlfriend's parrot after she called time on their relationship.
Then Ipswich Town visit St Andrew's before Blues head off to Brentford and Wigan Athletic.
A ROYAL Marine bit the head off a pigeon during a drunken prank, a court heard yesterday.
Summary: Five men kidnapped a compatriot and threatened to cut his head off if they did not get Dh20,000 in ransom, a court heard.
Passengers will head off for a 10-day Norwegian fjords turnaround cruise.
Summary: Beijing: Japan scrambled fighter jets Thursday to head off a number of Chinese military planes .
As Nikki and Kim head off to Santa Monica College, a friend gives Nikki condoms as a back-to-school gift, teasing, ``If you had these back in the day, you'd already have your diploma.
75 percent to 5 percent, was a widely anticipated move to slow down the economy and to head off inflation by causing increases in interest rates on everything from credit cards to business loans.
The closures should head off further layoffs, Archer said.
SANTA CLARITA - The Castaic Lake Water Agency has agreed to answer questions about its operation in an effort to head off a state audit, although legislators could launch a full-scale investigation if the agency fails to cooperate, officials say.