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As we understand, Sheikh Zayed asserts that, under the doctrine of head of state immunity, he, as the head of state of the UAE, and his immediate family are not subject to lawsuits in the United States.
Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov will participate in the delegation, the press office of the head of state said in a statement.
This project, which the Head of State had ordered, will benefit some 600,000 inhabitants.
A spokesman said the Welsh Government has updated its flag-flying to say that "flags are not routinely flown at half-mast in the event of the death of a serving foreign head of state, but may be at the discretion of the First Minister, who will take into account the nature of the relationship between Wales and the country in question.
Official sources of funding for the Royal Family are used entirely to support the Queen's work as Head of State i.
It is, of course, slightly bizarre that we have a head of state who is in place simply because she happens to be the eldest child of the previous incumbent, but it works, it does this country more good than harm and we should stick with it.
For this, the head of state instructed the Finance Ministry to make sure financing in the sum envisaged in the decree.
Olympic opening ceremony supremo Danny Boyle says the Queen should be replaced with an elected head of state.
ISLAMABAD -- 54% of Pakistanis think a woman can be head of state, according to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan.
Summary: President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan sent on Tuesday, a cable congratulating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez over his victory in the re-election as the Head of State.
Mursi's visit will be the first by an Egyptian head of state to Tehran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
Can you imagine an unelected head of state with the power to, say, decide who will be prime minister, even if their choice isn't even a Member of Parliament, or dissolve a government at the drop of a hat without having to give a reason why?
Summary: Jamaica's new Prime Minister has vowed to abandon the Queen as head of state.
16 (ANI): Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has said that Australia can never be a great country while a foreigner is head of state and the flag of another nation resides on the Australian flag.
Indeed, the head of state of Singapore is, by far, the highest paid head-of-state in the world, raking in almost $3-milliobn annually.