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the head of a household or family or tribe

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Income is presented by education, nationality, gender and age subgroups of the head of household.
In doing so they conformed in some ways to the ideal of the male wage earner and head of household.
Page 5 of IRS Publication 501, Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information, discusses spouses who elect to file separately and how one spouse may be able to file as head of household if the spouses live apart and meet certain tests.
In general, to qualify for Head of Household filing status, taxpayers must be unmarried on the last day of the calendar year OR separated from their spouse having lived apart for the last six months of the calendar year, and furnished more than 50 percent of the cost of maintaining:
For married, qualifying widow(er), or head of household taxpayers, the standard deduction increases from $6,508 to $6,820.
The total taxable income subject to the lower tax rates under the combination of head of household status for one spouse and married filing separately for the other is greater than that available under joint return status, For instance, the amount of taxable income subject to the 15% tax rate for that filing combination in 1994 is $49,500.
Single filers whose federal adjusted gross income exceeds $100,000, head of household filers whose income exceeds $150,000, and married filers whose income exceeds $200,000 are subject to reduced itemized deductions.
This report sheds light on how influential the male head of household is when it comes to meal preparation and the purchase of housewares products.
There also might be the possibility of one, or both, of the spouses qualifying as head of household.
However, an unmarried taxpayer will qualify for more favorable rates, earned income and child care credits, and a higher standard deduction, if he or she can qualify for head of household status.
More people may qualify for the credit in 1992 because now taxpayers with single filing status can claim the credit; in the past only taxpayers filing as head of household or married filing jointly qualified.
The tax threshold, the amount of income reached where a tax liability is incurred, has risen to $11,620 of adjusted gross income for single and married filing separate taxpayers, and $23,241 for married filing joint, surviving spouse, and head of household filers.
The tax threshold has risen to $10,764 of adjusted gross income for single and married filing separate taxpayers, and $21,527 for married filing joint, surviving spouse and head of household taxpayers.
The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is sending more than 150,000 audit letters to individuals who filed their 2006 tax returns using the head of household filing status, according to the FTB.