head of hair

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growth of hair covering the scalp of a human being


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Hayley, who worked in Huddersfield for 10 years before opening a salon in Ripponden, doesn't offer transplants or medical treatments - she is an expert in applying semipermanent mesh pieces that are bonded to natural hair and create the appearance of a full head of hair.
Dietmar Hamann has a fuller head of hair, thanks to a transplant surgeon
But now, having started therapy, she's been able to have a full head of hair thanks to a new treatment which involves extensions being stitched on to a net secured to existing hair, protecting her scalp and letting her own hair grow.
LEAH GARLAND said goodbye to a full head of hair as it was shaved off for charity at a Cardiff hairdresser.
Wake up to a soothed scalp and a fully hydrated head of hair.
Summary: A full head of hair goes a long way in Lebanon -- a culture where appearance is paramount -- but may be one of the hardest things to keep around.
BALD men have a higher risk of developing heart disease than men with a full head of hair - but only those who are thinning on top rather than men with a receding hairline, a new study suggests.
Then there are those with a full head of hair and perished faces.
Most of them had a full head of hair when they started their job but began losing it within four and a half years.
Earlier in the programme judge Jason Gardiner took his hat off for the first time in the series to reveal a head of hair that reportedly cost Au35,000 after a transplant last year.
A SCHOOLGIRL left bald by burns suffered in a kitchen accident has finally returned to the classroom - after pioneering surgery to attach a new head of hair.
In the shopping scene mentioned, ladies' hats were much in evidence and I could spot only one woman without a hat, but she has a fine head of hair and that may have been the reason.
She's so photogenic and has such a beautiful head of hair.
A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl who suffered baldness after being badly burned, is now the proud owner of a full head of hair.