head of hair

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growth of hair covering the scalp of a human being


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John was a fine looking fellow, six feet and an inch, with large whiskers, a bushy head of hair, and particularly white teeth.
A dark, keen, clever face, and a nice clear voice, and a beautiful brown head of hair counted among her merits.
The group dispersed, as if in great surprise, and the gentleman addressed, turning round, exhibited a suit of clothes of the most superlative cut, a pair of whiskers of similar quality, a moustache, a head of hair, and a young face.
For (said the Bleeding Hearts), if a gentleman with that head of hair and them eyes took his rents into his own hands, ma'am, there would be none of this worriting and wearing, and things would be very different.
Then came the pugilist; then a lady with a head of hair like a bath sponge; then another, and the party was complete.
And if I went instead of you and got spotted, which is so likely with this head of hair, and the general belief in my demise, the consequences to you would be too awful to contemplate
In the case of another,' said he, 'the objection might be fatal, but we must stretch a point in favour of a man with such a head of hair as yours.
But now, having started therapy, she's been able to have a full head of hair thanks to a new treatment which involves extensions being stitched on to a net secured to existing hair, protecting her scalp and letting her own hair grow.
But given that Salmond looks younger, taller, slimmer and has a full head of hair, we think Cameron comes off worse.
LEAH GARLAND said goodbye to a full head of hair as it was shaved off for charity at a Cardiff hairdresser.
So David Seaman has retired, having stayed just a little too long at the party but with his beautiful head of hair held high.
Upholstered with fake fur, they cannot help but remind one of wig stands--even their fabric and color are like a head of hair.
CAN you recall the new television advert which involves a man with a very large head of hair, a car and a can of spray-on hair?
They fail to understand that the only point of wearing bits of Russian - or whatever - on your head is to make other people believe you still have a full head of hair.
Now, assuming that Flynn can cut a head of hair in 15 minutes, trimming 32 pates in an eight-hour day, he will glean an additional $160 a week, or $8,000 a year, from his price hike.