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the person in charge of nursing in a medical institution

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The nursing administrator who has put in place a decentralized structure is in a unique position to use computers within that structure to provide management-information support for the head nurse, which can enhance fiscal accountability and control at the ward level.
Nurse: "I suppose first talk to the head nurse about the daily assignment of patients needing more intensive care, and then in our next staff meeting raise the issue of the need to take more personal responsibility for patient charting.
Head nurse and 288 participants from 42 Pourfarzad et al [25] to evaluate the adaptability of leadership style of head teaching hospitals, it was estimated that the majority of subjects) and head nurse (low adaptability to the head are determined and independent t-test, showed a statistically significant difference between the results, so that the head of his leadership style more consistent with the known position.
Bella with Jamie Anderson and Natasha Banks, head nurse at St Clair Veterinary Centre
Alison Massey, associate head nurse for Solihull "We wanted to recognise their unwavering commitment to a job that is not always easy.
MULTAN -- District Coordination Officer (DCO) Zahid Saleem Gondal transferred three doctors and suspended head nurse of Shahbaz Sharif General Hospital (SSGH) over misconduct and absence from duty.
In 1937, aged 33, Morris volunteered to serve in Spain with Sir George Young's University Ambulance Unit, and worked at an International Brigades base hospital and as head nurse to a renowned Catalan surgeon.
Samantha Adams, head nurse at the centre, said: "There are two parts to what we do at the clinic.
Administrative consultation with head nurse, hospital security, hospital attorney, attending doctor, and psychiatrist to ascertain what options are available and to address risk management.
WHEELCHAIR-bound Michael, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has lived in a care home for most of his life, under the watchful eye of the head nurse.
Strokes can leave people a pathetic shadow of their old selves, even people as tough as former head nurse Betty May Downey.
The medals went to Shigeru Ishimoto, 87, who became a House of Councillors member after her nursing career and who once served as director general of the Environment Agency, now the Environment Ministry, and Matsuno Teramoto, 84, former head nurse at Tenshi (Angel) Hospital in Sapporo and International Catholic Hospital in Tokyo, the officials said.
Acorns' Head Nurse Hilary Ball said: "The support of the Thomas Cook Children's Charity has made an enormous difference to the care of our children.