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the person in charge of nursing in a medical institution

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The demographic characteristics of nurses and head nurses at the beginning of each questionnaire were given.
Bella with Jamie Anderson and Natasha Banks, head nurse at St Clair Veterinary Centre
Alison Massey, associate head nurse for Solihull "We wanted to recognise their unwavering commitment to a job that is not always easy.
THE head nurse at Acorns Children's Hospice is urging London Marathon runners to use their places to raise money to help local children.
Having individuals who champion the cause at the local user level, such as a head nurse, can influence the way other employees become early and lasting adopters.
The unit has a head nurse and four shift leaders who are educated at least ton bachelor degree level.
We want people to be curious and have a little imagination," head nurse Elisabeth Gauffin added.
FULFILLING AMBITIONS Vet Wendy Rowntree, left, with head nurse Helen and patient Ted
Findings show that nephrology nurses who act as staff nurses have higher burnout than those who have a managerial function (as head nurse, deputy, or mentor), as manifested in emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and the total burnout score in the Maslach measure, and in physical fatigue, emotional exhaustion, cognitive weariness, and the total burnout score in the Shirom-Melamed measure.
Nurse: "I'd be more assertive with the head nurse and the floor nurses about sharing the work load.
Nursing staff of Polyclinic also arranged a ceremony, which was attended by Polyclinic Executive Director (ED) Shaukat Kiani, Head Nurse Mewa Khan and Nursing Superintendent Nasreen Moeen.
The "decentralized" structures that emerged established the head nurse as ward manager, with responsibility and authority for maximum decision making at that level.
Thus the executive committee served as a steering committee for the Medical-Surgical Nursing conference Group which started in 1972 chaired by Betty Buntin, a head nurse at St.
According to the facility's head nurse, Bonita Badgett, 800 of the inmates have at least one chronic medical condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
She also held positions in the 350th Evacuation Hospital, Canton, OH, and as Head Nurse of a Cardiac Step-Down Unit at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.