head louse

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infests the head and body of humans

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The use of unproven and in many cases ineffective products may prolong head louse infections.
quintana DNA was found in 1 (3%) head louse and in 4 (14%) body lice, but the difference was not significant.
The unique study, which is published today in the British Medical Journal, involved 126 young people with head louse infestation - 56 were given a Bug Buster kit and 70 insecticide treatments.
The long-awaited treatment guidelines may help health care professionals and parents cope with the problem of head louse infestations.
The human body louse and human head louse are generally recognized as 2 subspecies of Pediculus humanus (P.
Burkhart MSPHMD (2006) Head louse infestations: the "no nit" policy and its consequences
A popular tool is a leaflet for parents explaining all about the human head louse (pediculus humanus capitis), its eggs (popularly known as "nits") and how to get rid of both.
London -- London, May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearly half (47%) of parents and grandparents don't know what a head louse looks like according to a new survey launched today by Lyclear Creme Rinse (1) to mark the start of the school summer term.