head linesman

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a football official in charge of recording yardage gained or lost

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Testaverde was the man most responsible for last weekend's 32-31 victory over Seattle - along with head linesman Earnie Frantz, of course.
He worked as a head linesman for Massachusetts Electric Company for 39 years retiring in 1989.
He's the insurance executive who, while moonlighting as an NFL head linesman, handed the New York Jets a fraudulent 32-31 victory against the Seattle Seahawks, signaling ``touchdown'' with 20 seconds left in the game even though Jets quarterback Vinnie Testaverde was tackled a foot short of the goal line.
For Stephen McCann of Fitchburg, the head linesman, the game was an eye opener.
His crew includes umpire Jim Quirk, head linesman John Schleyer, line judge Ben Montgomery, back judge Paul Baetz, side judge Doug Toole and field judge Don Dorkowski.