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infestation of the scalp with lice

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Whenever children are in close contact with others, such as in the classroom, there is a chance that head lice will be transferred from head to head.
In honor of National Head Lice Awareness month, Tec Labs, the maker of Licefreee Spray is debunking the four most outrageous misconceptions about everyone's favorite creepy crawly critters.
Head lice are a common problem, particularly in school children aged four to 11 years, and one in three children in the UK may get head lice at some point during the year.
A poll of 10,000 parents by head lice treatment brand, Hedrin, found other regular methods used to eliminate lice include burning the lice with hair straighteners, vinegar, raw eggs and mayonnaise.
Before genetic tools that differentiate the head and body louse lineages were available (5), it was speculated that body lice may have originated from head lice (9).
Head lice are not a health hazard, do not spread disease, and are not a sign of uncleanliness, according to the academy.
Head lice can be caught by direct contact or by sharing combs, brushes and hats.
It is estimated that more than 200,000 children in Scotland have head lice at any one time.
BISHOP'S STORTFORD, England, January 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- New head lice treatment Linicin(R) Lotion 15 min lives up to its name by eliminating not only head lice, but their eggs (called nits) as well, safely and effectively in only a quarter of an hour.
Soon after the start of the school term, we start to receive requests for advice from worried parents who have discovered their children have head lice or have received that dreaded communication from school advising them that there is an outbreak in the school," a pharmacist colleague told me.
Head lice, which can grow to be about the size of a sesame seed, live on the head.
Washington, March 28 (ANI): A new research has found that body lice, which often lead to dangerous epidemics, originate from head lice.
Frequent bathing and shampooing will keep you from getting head lice.
As the head lice arrived in September following the arrival of new Year 7s we put the blame fairly and squarely on them.
CHECKING for head lice should be a regular part of family life.