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distinguished by leaves arranged in a dense rosette that develop into a compact ball

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Head lettuce forms heads at temperatures between 50-60[degrees]F.
Head lettuce also has been in decline as other types of lettuce have increased.
Head lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is a vegetable commonly grown by upland farmers in South East Asia and the residues from head lettuce after grading is found in quite large quantities.
However, the study compared four-day-old salad packs with freshly picked whole head lettuce.
1 medium head lettuce - any combination of romaine, red leaf, butter or Boston
Examples of trial data include strawberries which have lasted 14 days, cucumbers 21 days, whole head lettuce eight days, tomatoes 15 days, broccoli 30 days, stone fruit 60 days, and apples as long as five months.
I wash just about everything (except head lettuce, and cabbage) very carefully.
lettuce, or other head lettuce 2 medium carrots, peeled and grated 1/3 cup fat-free ranch-style dressing 1/4 teaspoon salt (if desired) 1/2 teaspoon pepper (if desired) 1 large tomato, sliced or cut into
A 5-percent reduction in the use of fresh vegetables and melons (due largely to weather-reduced production), especially head lettuce, watermelon, and sweet corn, more than offset increased use of potatoes, vegetables for freezing, and dry edible beans.
Head lettuce is easier to clean because contaminants reside on the outside leaves, which can be removed and the head washed.
We haven't found anybody willing to discontinue their conventional head lettuce or bananas, but we're finding it on the more obscure items like fennel, leeks, bunch carrots, rainbow chard and certain apples.
I have learned to grow tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and several other vegetables fairly well, though head lettuce, corn and melon give me fits.
Shanghai Yinlong plants three major varieties of vegetables: head lettuce, broccoli and cabbage, exporting to mainly Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Korea.
Lettuce: Three weeks after transplanting; head lettuce can have a second dose when heads start to develop.