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Hathaway is struggling as head honcho and feels under attack" and feels und attack
Hell, head honcho Dave Crider even stuck one of his old band's numbers on there (or are the Mono Men back together?
These business standouts have made it to regional VP, country manager or CEO, among other positions, but have not yet nailed the job of head honcho.
The head honcho of one of the world's biggest news agencies is never without an IBM laptop, a Nokia cell phone or his Palm V handheld organizer.
a deadly round of Russian roulette," claimed CASA's head honcho, Joseph A.
As part of the agreement, Bill Rogers, CBM's head honcho, signed a non-compete agreement that had him playing golf for five years, his son, Brett, said.
references to race--was presented as being head honcho of
The company has announced that it has selected 3M Company (MMM) Chief Executive Jim McNerney as its new head honcho.
Tronic head honcho Christian Smith is playing at Saint Judes in Glasgow.
The head honcho of one of my favourite bands wants to write a song for my band.
Tonight's final episode sees the entire cast in court for a planning hearing (presided over by former Holby City head honcho Guy Henry) in which the Mottershead family will hear themselves branded "Dishonourable, dangerous and devilish".
Support tomorrow night comes from SYNC resident and Beatport chart-topper Tim Weeks, Ruckus head honcho Tom Worton and Kranhouse's first lady Erin Campbell.
At this time, the Stratford Jazz organisation is starting to look for new blood, as its long-serving head honcho is planning on easing back on his leadership.
DR Frank Corvin still harbours a grudge against Nasa head honcho Bob Gerson who, during the 1950s, replaced him in the first space flights with a chimp.
As revealed here a fortnight ago Woodward is keen to return to the RFU as a head honcho - not a team manager like Johnson - after the Olympics.