head for the hills

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After a couple of easy warm-up miles and stretching, head for the hills with an unstructured fartlek.
Ask yourself this: if your chap knew he could head for the hills, and there find 100 girlies offering free sex with no commitment (not even dinner to buy
This is not a signal to head for the hills or batten down the hatches, but it is a trend that is likely to bear multiple consequences - some negative but some positive as well - for income property investment in the New York area.
Police warned thousands of people expected to head for the hills this weekend not to risk their lives.
The Colorado quartet Head for the Hills brings its brand of modern bluegrass to the WOW Hall, 291 W.
While most managers would head for the hills at the sight of those equations, David Moyes simply buckled down and got his players into the Champions League.
A GRATEFUL grandad is to head for the hills to say thank-you to the hospital which saved his granddaughter.
HEAD FOR THE HILLS, who has next month's big Aintree bumper as his seasonal objective, can enhance his claims by winning the St Modwen Intermediate National Hunt Flat Race (5.