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number of people in a particular group


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UNEMPLOYMENT will continue to fall in Coventry and Warwickshire as local businesses make promises to increase their head counts due to strong business confidence in the region.
There were a few eye-catching acquisitions and divestments in 2013, but overall, medtech companies increased their head count slowly and steadily," said Elizabeth Cairns, report author and EP Vantage medtech reporter.
God forbid we should come up short on the head count with a missing chicken.
BEIRUT: Herds of budding athletes will flock the streets of the capital next week, with an unprecedented head count making this year's Blom Beirut Marathon the largest to date.
While middle management will undoubtedly bear its share of job losses in organisations needing to reduce head count, it is also important to remember the crucial role these managers play in managing change, translating the objectives of senior managers into actions, and motivating others.
Recession-induced cost-cutting has been dominated by budget squeezing, reducing head count, pay cuts and freezes and the slashing of non-core spending.
As the researchers suspected, the use of a simple head count of primary care physicians yielded a "modest" association between the number of primary caregivers and improved patient outcomes, including lower mortality rates.
Corcoran executives said the company has more than that number of agents, because some do not appear on the firm's website, which The Real Deal uses to tally head counts for all firms because it's more up to date than state licensing filings.
UBS wants to reduce its investment banking head count to 15,000 and overall staff to 75,000 by the end of 2009.
An earnings press release issued by Citrix did not say how long the restructuring will take or how the company's head count will be reduced.
She added that the location's head count before the impending layoff totals 1,900 hourly workers and 200 salaried employees.
3 Bellingham Technical College 752-8300 3,500 head count,
The CSA has been told to cut its 11,000 national head count by 1,678 by March.
According to a witness statement, firefighters asked twice for a head count to be done, yet this did not happen until an hour after the 999 call.
A head count is underway of North-umberland's historic mountain goats.