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the band that is the part of a bridle that fits around a horse's head


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The e-mail continued: "I'd like to ask if you would be willing to write an article on head collars for dogs for your Record spot.
There was an accumulation of blow flies and eggs on the head collar.
They found red sores and lesions on the horse, signs of sunburn, infected skin, and the animal's head collar was too tight and was digging into its skin.
A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance said: "The casualty was treated for head and back injuries and immobilised on a spinal board, together with a head collar as a precaution, before being airlifted to hospital for further treatment.
Welcoming the initiative, Peter Walwyn, chairman of the Lambourn Trainers' Association, said: "All a trainer requires to get going in America is a head collar.
Matt Gingell was hit with an unusual pounds 75 fine for leading his runner Booster Divin into the stable yard on a head collar, contrary to instruction J16.
They had obviously had a very bad shock and their legs were badly injured from where their reins and head collar had been whipping around them.
As his helper holds the horse by a worn head collar, accumulated blood and pent-up fluid gushes from a short incision at the lowest point of the badly affected patch, and pours against a makeshift screen on to the floor.
Turner said: ``He has been awkward at home and we had to fit him with a head collar.
HA CAMPAIGN over the last couple of years by the Racehorse Transporters' Association, supported by sales companies, to encourage consignors to leave a head collar on horses they have sold is proving a success.
It can be very dangerous going in to get an unruly foal or yearling without a head collar and is something we felt must be looked at as a health and safety matter.
She still has the head collar he wore and she put it on the Beneficial colt to bring her luck.
A HEAD collar which belonged to Northern Dancer, the most influential stallion of the late 20th century, fetched pounds 20,000 when sold as a charity lot at the Tattersalls December Sales last night.
Often the use of a head collar rather than a neck collar and lead can help you to control your dog.
The other is a chestnut colour, is 12 hands tall, and was wearing a head collar.