head cold

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a common cold affecting the nasal passages and resulting in congestion and sneezing and headache

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By this time, we were battling the weather, mild head colds, and being significantly late to take off.
Nearly every head cold I had progressed to bronchitis or pneumonia.
Combating a head cold and general convention fatigue, I tried to assimilate the numerous product introductions and new ideas.
A seasoned reporter, clearly more impressed with Zhu, commented that the most notable feature of Li's speech at the NPC opening last year was his need for an assistant to provide him with a constant supply of handkerchiefs to attend to the symptoms of a bad head cold.
The plague claimed my husband after eighteen months and no children I am glad to see that it spared the Neapolitan musician For what would the monkey do if his master were to die before him His head cold without a cap and his legs twitching to music?
During his interview on the Wall Street Reporter, Allen also elaborates on his short and long-term visions for CytoDyn, tries to blame his head cold on the smog in Los Angeles, and concludes by wishing you all a warm and joyful Holiday Season.
Symptoms: 6 You've got a heavy head cold, your nose is blocked and you have difficulty breathing through it.
The colt, 7-2 favourite for his Ascot mission a week tomorrow, had been due to start his campaign in the Tattersalls Gold Cup last month until picking up a head cold.
As you'll have noticed, and doubtless sighed about, the nights are drawing in quickly, which means winter is but a head cold away.
Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, construction of greenhouses 1 + 2 and the head cold : Trade: earth and concrete works, underground pipes, RW reservoir : The total output includes all construction work necessary for the construction of a greenhouse with about 4000 mA of floor space.
I've got a head cold already - I'm wearing my hat a lot more now.
The veteran, 82, arrived at BBC1's studios on Friday to prepare lines and write gags - then went home after complaining of a head cold.
He had to go home early to his Surrey mansion after complaining of a head cold.
CONCERNS He has been suffering from a head cold and went home on Friday after feeling too ill to rehearse and write gags.
On a much lighter note I had my first "change of season" head cold recently and had to resort to taking some OTC cold medication to give myself some relief.