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a process at the anterior end of a sperm cell that produces enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

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The foundry, located in Hutchins, Texas, constructed what other companies had not been able to do-high-quality head caps for the MK 22, MOD 4 rocket motor.
Replacing a barrel stop also requires replacing the socket head cap screw.
Their new line of Accu-Thrust thrust screws (both threaded, set screw type and headed, socket head cap screw type) will be on display.
The Shannon plant makes UNBRAKO(R) brand socket head cap screws, socket set screws, hex keys and related products.
Jackson will head CAP from the SGA's new headquarters in Nashville, TN.
A socket head cap screw passes through a clearance hole in the solid hub to the transverse wedge to clamp the shaft securely; the screw can be tightened and released repeatedly without marring shaft or affecting torque transmission.
NYSE: B), today announced that it has obtained the exclusive rights to distribute a new line of high-strength premium quality socket head cap screws in North America.
9 Zn Plated For Wap-5 Axle Box Is:1364,Qty-96 Nos 2 Socket Hex Head Cap Screw Size M16x45mm Long For Wap-5 Loco Axle Box Specn Is:2269,P-12.