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pain in the head caused by dilation of cerebral arteries or muscle contractions or a reaction to drugs

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Head ache present in most of the patients was releaved with passage of time.
com/2014/4/5/5584604/this-is-android-tv) The Verge , since Chromecast is going to be on sale even after Android TV is launched, app developers might have the head ache of building two different versions, one for Chromecast and the other for Android TV.
Narrating the issue, he said that his daughter developed severe head ache and vomiting problems in the third week of January and was fetched to Lady Reading Hospital-Peshawar.
Six hours later we're still concrete bashing I have a splitting head ache.
1 ( ANI ): American actor Dick Van Dyke has revealed that his head ache, previously described by his representative as a neurological problem, was actually a side effect from an earlier dental work.
They offer head ache free service as well as customers do not have to worry about moving their furniture and other valuable items themselves.
With fatal accidents having reduced elsewhere in the capital with total number of fatal accidents going down to 2,066 during the just ended year 2011 from 2,153 during the previous year 2010 , the death trap stretch remained a head ache for the Delhi Traffic police .
The child complained of head ache when the doctor on duty gave him an injection by which his condition got worse and within few minutes he lost his life.
About two weeks after exposure, patient develops fever, body pain, head ache, running nose and then chicken pox spots appear on the body," she said while giving the symptoms.
They will both make his head ache that will not pass unless he finds the proper medicament.
It made my head ache, but my eleven year old loved it and seemed to have no problem cutting backwards and forwards between the two.
Reay first came on loan to Birmingham midway through the 2005-06 National Two championship campaign and played an important role in a position that had caused Ian Smith a head ache or two.
Void of originality and any sense of humility or humanity, this so-so single will make your body move and head ache at the same time.
DI Ring told Judge Flan O'Brien, sitting at Ardee District Court, Murphy complained of a sore neck and a head ache.
I know he's keen to be heard, but a day of it makes my head ache.