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Synonyms for he-man

muscle man


Synonyms for he-man

a man who is virile and sexually active

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In "The Doll," set in a toy store where a pretty-in-pink girl-doll is admired but never bought, Ayodele Gasel battles an army of he-men (toting neon-plastic machine guns) in her Mary-Janes, turning waltz-clog steps into a barrage of bullets.
THERE I was, lounging on the beach surrounded by bleach-haired, bronzed he-men waxing their surf-boards and answering to the name Bruce.
They sent on their He-men and they got a break when big Duncan popped up with the equaliser.
So it's good to know that there are still he-men in the so-called beautiful game of soccer and caring ones as well.
American he-men writers used to pride themselves on their ability to punch their way out of a paper bag.
In "Charm School," burly he-men fumble their way through Ms.
For the romantics, there is the doomed love story; for the he-men, there is the "do the right thing" regardless attitude of Bogart's Rick Blaine.
In Here, Piggy Piggy (from Memory Series), 2002, the sinister hillbillies who humiliate the he-men city slickers in the 1972 film Deliverance are transformed and enlarged into a pair of crudely made, horribly grinning bobbleheads (the commercial souvenirs that are available at sporting events).
Muscle-bound he-men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone ruled Hollywood's roost.
He-men men have their uses beyond moving the piano for us.
Instead, he spent the entire day treating injuries received in drunken fights between the "ardent he-men from the big woods" (180-81):
They used to think maybe that they were certain types, he-men or she-women, and now that's all gone.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff, those chesty he-men forever boasting that the role of the military is to salute and follow orders, suddenly have a new interpretation of obedience to the commander in chief.