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Synonyms for he-man

muscle man


Synonyms for he-man

a man who is virile and sexually active

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What makes the series work, ultimately, is a very shrewd choice--namely, that far from the he-men he's played in the past (see "The Punisher" and "Deep Blue Sea"), Jane's Ray Drecker is a bit of a mess.
The rather too obvious masculinity which they try to suggest by word and action is meant to remove any possible taint which the Christian faith might be suspected to have left upon them in the minds of the he-men in the army.
That was a great and glorious freedom, and he-men could talk to he-men in he-man language.
And if mighty, monosyllabic he-men and New Wave music fashions get your nostalgia juices flowing, I'll bet you're really going to have a blast.
One neighborhood paper condemned "Eve's Hangout" as a place "where ladies prefer each other" and declared that it was "not very healthy for she-adolescents, nor comfortable for he-men.
The doors of the former bank are manned by two he-men and a bare-chested guy with rippling muscles stands in the entrance to greet customers and pose for photographs.
For example, Adon (published 1973-96) was for the college crowd, Samson (from 1982) was for the chubby-chasers, G-Men (from 1995) favored muscled he-men.
In "The Doll," set in a toy store where a pretty-in-pink girl-doll is admired but never bought, Ayodele Gasel battles an army of he-men (toting neon-plastic machine guns) in her Mary-Janes, turning waltz-clog steps into a barrage of bullets.
THERE I was, lounging on the beach surrounded by bleach-haired, bronzed he-men waxing their surf-boards and answering to the name Bruce.
They sent on their He-men and they got a break when big Duncan popped up with the equaliser.
Understanding such cultural anomalies requires a familiarity with centuries of Jewish social history, so it is hardly surprising that reader-friendly treatments of Jewish he-men do not include such historical excursions.
is giving women the chance to spruce up their own he-men in a new contest to promote its reinvigorated paper towel brand, which hits retail shelves nationwide this month.
So it's good to know that there are still he-men in the so-called beautiful game of soccer and caring ones as well.
American he-men writers used to pride themselves on their ability to punch their way out of a paper bag.