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male goat

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When slaughtering a he-goat temple authorities must ensure that the other goats do not see the slaughter; ( Gazette No520/7 dated 23.
The average price of a he-goat is from Rs 25000 to Rs 60000 while that of sheep is from Rs 20000-25000.
The group of five eventually formed the Broadmead Baptist Church, and according to Edward Bean Underhill, Dorothy Hazzard was like "a he-goat before the flock" and "like Deborah she arose, with strength of holy resolution in her soul from God, even a mother in Israel.
The struggling he-goat gave out a bloodcurdling cry and, before the
For, as the Ugandan Daily News reveals, the victorious Liverpool players were presented with "the trophy, a big he-goat and a carton of soap.
He consulted an oracle, which replied, 'Let a he-goat penetrate the Roman women