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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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According to Frank DeMartin, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America vice president of marketing and product development, "Mitsubishi laser HDTV technology will not only deliver unsurpassed color reproduction, but it will also enable new cabinet designs that are truly unique and revolutionary.
It will hasten the advent of HDTV LCoS in China, providing one of the largest markets in the world better digital TV and entertainment experience," said Vincent F.
The HDTV demonstration at Electronic House Expo (EHX) 2006 in Orlando, booth #934, will stream recorded HDTV content digitally to an IEEE1394 HDTV.
based Challenger Space Center has recently integrated a Syntax-Brillian (Nasdaq: BRLC) 720p liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS(TM)) HDTV into its innovative space exploration and science learning center.
The recent industry accolades about Brillian HDTVs from PC Magazine and Displaymate simply confirm what we have experienced: Brillian offers extraordinary image quality, contrast and performance in a platform optimally designed for maximum installation flexibility," said Ted Green, executive director, TAG.
With D2Audio's superior digital audio technologies, we are able to deliver LCD HDTVs that are fully optimized for audio as well as video performance.
There are two door buster items listed for Best Buy HDTVs.
MicroDisplay is partnering with these established brands to develop and distribute rear-projection HDTVs with screen sizes of 52" to 62".
Olevia[TM] 7 Series LCD HDTVs will be featured in ESPN's first-ever venue at the Sundance Film Festival, 'The Game', where entertainers, sports fans and VIPS will be able to enjoy sporting events as a weekend kick-off to the film festival.
Comprehensive OCAP Solution for HDTV and STB; Integrated Solution Reduces Time to Market
The new plasma HDTVs feature 42- and 55-inch screen sizes, and exclusive technologies that produce razor sharp images and deep, rich colors.
Nasdaq:BRLC), a manufacturer and marketer of LCD and LCoS(TM) HDTVs and digital entertainment products, today announced the debut of three new products specifically designed for the premium home theater and commercial markets -- a first for the Olevia brand.
The new HDTVs feature 42- and 55-inch screen sizes, and exclusive technologies that produce razor sharp images and deep, rich colors.