highest common factor

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the largest integer that divides without remainder into a set of integers

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An electrical heater injects a constant power to the HCF and a pump ensures a constant flow rate.
He added: "The volume of work HCF has handled over the past 12 months has grown substantially and there is no sign of this letting up in 2013.
HCF will also be developing relationships with potential project finance lenders, including commercial banks and government-sponsored agencies, in anticipation of the completion of the feasibility study on the Project in the second quarter of 2013.
In sum, HCF Bank remains a strong and stable financial institution among second-tier banks.
Excelencia, HCF and HSF leaders agree the time is ripe for a change in strategy for improving Latino student success.
Question: I know I only use 5 HCF per billing period, but I want to save even more water.
The Flex-Flame HCF cable withstood numerous pilot tests in various temperatures and conditions.
The anti-inflammatory activities in animals that received AH, HsC, HcE and HcF were compared with that of indomethacin and the control groups (see Table 1).
In March, HCF announced that it had retained First Union Capital Markets to arrange a $500 million financing that would significantly restructure its overall debt facilities.
Financed in part by $1 million in equity put up by the HCF Group and $2 million to $5 million of equity being sought from other investors through a limited partnership, first mortgage debt will be $15 million on the $37 million hotel.
Since 1974, experience with hundreds of people has shown eating the HCF way lowers blood cholesterol levels an average of 20 to 30 percent and blood triglyceride levels 15 to 60 percent, depending on initial levels.
An evaluation of the program compared more than 5,000 My Health Guardian participants suffering from chronic heart disease and diabetes with a statistically comparable group of more than 23,000 non-participating HCF members with the same two conditions.
WirelessHart was ratified in September 2007 by the HCF and approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 2010.
Dragon was introduced to Venturre by Neil McDonagh of South Wales-based commercial broker HCF Commercial Finance Solutions.
The book is the first by Mrs Armitage, who attends HCF at Cathedral House on St Thomas' Road.