highest common factor

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the largest integer that divides without remainder into a set of integers

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The timing of entering into the sector in a low price environment meant that HCF is able to execute its development activities in a cost efficient manner.
An electrical heater injects a constant power to the HCF and a pump ensures a constant flow rate.
Sterile HCF of goat revealed only one polypeptide band of 78kDa (log MW 1.
He added: "The volume of work HCF has handled over the past 12 months has grown substantially and there is no sign of this letting up in 2013.
5% of women delivered in a HCF and less than half of all births were attended by a SBA (36).
HCF will take on the role of global coordinator of Avalon's efforts to finalize strategic partnerships and commercial off-take agreements and to secure debt financing for the Project and, to that end, will work closely with RCI Capital Group Inc.
HCF bank is a retail bank ranking among top 30 leading Russian banks by total assets as of July 1, 2012;
The 2011 program of the 16th annual Blade Mechanics Seminar [1] gathered over 100 engineers and scientists to discuss various HCF (High Cycle Fatigue) issues of aero and industrial turbine and compressor airfoils.
Factores de riesgo para desarrollar HCF incluyen los siguientes: presencia de sangre intraventricular al TAC (4-5), ocupacion hematica gruesa de las cisternas (6) y grado clinico bajo (WFNS IV y V) (1-3).
The perception that college is unaffordable is the biggest barrier, says George Cushman, vice president of programs for HCF, which has hosted college-information events in Arizona, Maryland, New Mexico, Texas and Virginia this year in collaboration with local partners.
The HM-USB-ISO passed the rigorous HART Communication Foundation (HCF) registration program and has been officially registered by the HCF to meet protocol specifications.
Since the first Gala in 1998, HCF has raised more than $19 million and has contributed more than $9 million to BCRF.
En principio, el HCF (carbon o petroleo) se somete a calor para producir volatiles, y luego se enfria para formar el preciado condensado de combustible liquido, quedando un residuo de breas, residuo que en su forma mas solida: el coque, representa un material fundamental para la industria metalurgica moderna.