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the official of a synagogue who conducts the liturgical part of the service and sings or chants the prayers intended to be performed as solos


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With the shamasb [attendant] calling for daily prayers and regular Sabbath services, and the hazzan, parnas and elders standing as leaders of the community, they were a close-knit group.
Youssuf Hazzan, an urban planning adviser to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Lebanon, told The Daily Star Beirut was particularly susceptible to traffic snarls.
Hazzan Mike Stein and Rabbi Jennifer Flam conduct a mock wedding with pre-K students at Temple Aliyah in Woodland Hills.
David Hazzan of the division of minimally invasive surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York.
Hazzan described attention to an element of the set, rather than a whole set, as one of the strategies students utilize as means to cope with the complexity of a situation.
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Sky, The Development of the Office of Hazzan through the Talmudic Period, Unpublished dissertation [Philadelphia: Dropsie University, 1977], pp.
Abstraction involves the identification of regularities in one's activities, the isolation of certain properties, and the suppression of other details (Frorer, Hazzan, & Manes, 1997; Harel & Tall, 1991).
Both the rabbi and the hazzan (cantor) teach regularly in the school in addition to tutoring bar and bat mitzvahs preparing for initiation into religious adulthood.
These were set to special tunes recited by the person leading the services known as the hazzan (Ifham al-yahud, 56-57; English tr.
Ibn Adret demanded that the hazzan, roughly a rabbinical figure, be present as well,(57) anticipating in a certain sense the Christian decision to register marriages before a parish priest (itself a compromise with lay desires) made two and a half centuries later at Trent.
The Cantors include Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi, Hazzan Jacob Mendelson, Hazzan David Propis, Hazzan Nathan Lam, Hazzan Faith Steinsnyder and Hazzan Rebecca Carmi.
After three successful decades working in the motion picture industry, husband and wife team Marc Green and Arlene Hazzan Green co-founded The Backyard Urban Farm Company.
It's one thing to lose a game where you suffered and fought hard, and it's another to be completely humiliated," said Fernando Hazzan, 28, in Sao Paulo.