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Synonyms for hazy

Synonyms for hazy

covered by or as if by a thin coating or film

heavy, dark, or dense, especially with impurities

Synonyms for hazy

filled or abounding with fog or mist

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indistinct or hazy in outline

References in classic literature ?
In a suit of coarse flannel with horn buttons, a yellow neckerchief with draggled ends, an old hat more russet-coloured than black, and laced boots of the hue of his stony calling, Durdles leads a hazy, gipsy sort of life, carrying his dinner about with him in a small bundle, and sitting on all manner of tombstones to dine.
But the stony one is a gruff one likewise, and that hazy state of his is always an uncertain state, highly conscious of its dignity, and prone to take offence.
Of government land, in response to Saxon's eager questioning, he knew nothing, except that he had a hazy idea that the days of government land were over.
It happened, to my further misfortune, that the weather proved hazy for three or four days while I was in the valley, and not being able to see the sun, I wandered about very uncomfortably, and at last was obliged to find the seaside, look for my post, and come back the same way I went: and then, by easy journeys, I turned homeward, the weather being exceeding hot, and my gun, ammunition, hatchet, and other things very heavy.
Towards evening, the weather turned hazy, with a drizzling rain; and soon became so thick, that we sailed, as it were, in a cloud.
Some hazy idea that if affairs could remain thus for a long time it would be a respectable change, floats in her mind.
The weather will be hot and hazy in the UAE over the next few days, forecasters have said, with a chance of rain.
Dubai: After a brief respite from hazy and dusty conditions this weekend, the weather bureau has warned that parts of the country will again experience hazy weather with a chance of scattered rain over the next three days.
The weather forecast for today is partly cloudy and hazy over some areas, with chance of some towering clouds over the eastern areas by afternoon.
To promote the website Steven Troup from Alpine Bikes in Innerleithen and model, Joni MacKay, recreated the classic Jack Vettriano painting Lazy Hazy Days to launch the pounds 100,000 initiative.
As light streamed in through the gallery's window, the hazy Swedish twilight was uncannily manifested in a white cube in New York.
The motivations of Stone Age people for creating the Hohle Fels figurines remain hazy, Kuhn adds.
Those moments, though, are sandwiched between a hazy mishmash of soap-opera sap, one-note characters and plot lines we've seen in dozens of other movies.
It's the only moon in the solar system with an atmosphere, a thin gas layer; in this case, a hazy swirl thick with nitrogen.
The cover sets the mood: a hazy view of a tiger, a boy, and a girl in a forest, the girl riding the tiger and the whole looking like a tale of fantasy--something like a story of a unicorn.