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Synonyms for hazy

Synonyms for hazy

covered by or as if by a thin coating or film

heavy, dark, or dense, especially with impurities

Synonyms for hazy

filled or abounding with fog or mist

Related Words

indistinct or hazy in outline

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Yet playing and playgoing, as I will argue below, were at times only hazily distinguished in the 1580s, described as somehow aspects of the same activity.
There were also a couple of other festivals up in Woolyback land that I recall that had more of a local theme and I hazily remember a field of sheep next to the music marquee.
Ultimately, the question is not whether marijuana use carries risks, or even whether its risks are smaller than those posed by alcohol and tobacco--although that point surely casts doubt on the rationality, consistency, and fairness of our drug laws, as Bennett and White hazily perceive.
The hazily beautiful You Can't Talk To Me Like That hints at Bob Dylan (even the organ seems lifted straight from Positively 4th Street), and the vibrant Seein' Double are particularly enduring.
If you happen to think of Christmas on an afternoon in June, your mind's eye will bombard you with all kinds of delightful imagery, much of it no doubt pinched from various Christmas cards noticed over the years: snowy, old-timey street scenes where men in top hats and ladies in bonnets walk arm-in-arm past hazily glowing shop windows full of candy canes and a troupe of adorable urchins do a spot of carolling.
The low winter sun hazily lighting up a blue sea and sky.
The Young Man made his way hazily out into the station.
This theory, which I remembered hazily from an excruciating science class, came to mind recently after two incidents.
Bobbing in oceans like pale, wavering reflections of the moon, the broad, shallow bells of the adult moon jelly pulse gently along, with tentacles trailing and the circular, sometimes pinkish gonads hazily visible as four moonlets.
A legendary music hall family endeavour to reconstruct fragments of misremembered routines and hazily recollected punchlines, in a hopeless attempt to revive their all but forgotten Music Hall act.
However, the transformation in Cuban economic conditions after the Soviet collapse floats hazily in the background, and the policy shifts toward renewed international involvement remain largely unexamined.
to move past its way of hazily dealing with the opposition and to actually help solidify the nonextremist groups.
Egblewogbe's punchy language ushers readers through a hazily African landscape in which they encounter religion, sex, and the psyche from original perspectives.
When it's disclosed - rather hazily - that two elderly nuns in the parish have "consumption," Sister Rita moves into Father Rivard's rectory, a situation that causes Monsignor Nicholson (James Piehl) to pay occasional visits from the diocese, to angrily address the growing suspicion and gossip that there is something going on between them.
The film starts in the streets of Berlin as a young woman hazily walks in the city, the sunlight stroking her pale face.