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Synonyms for hazy

Synonyms for hazy

covered by or as if by a thin coating or film

heavy, dark, or dense, especially with impurities

Synonyms for hazy

filled or abounding with fog or mist

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indistinct or hazy in outline

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One: Noam Chomsky and hazily remembered ideas from linguistics about a universal grammar, how we are all born with an innate grasp of the deep structure of languages.
A commitment to federalism requires, in short, that Americans constantly measure their messy legal and political structure against a hazily defined and capacious idea upon which there is little agreement beyond the fact that many of the Founders regarded federalness as one of the nation's essential attributes.
A legendary music hall family endeavour to reconstruct fragments of misremembered routines and hazily recollected punchlines, in a hopeless attempt to revive their all but forgotten Music Hall act.
The different paths our lives could take seem to be hazily mapped out before us, with different voices pointing us in one direction or another.
to move past its way of hazily dealing with the opposition and to actually help solidify the nonextremist groups.
Egblewogbe's punchy language ushers readers through a hazily African landscape in which they encounter religion, sex, and the psyche from original perspectives.
When it's disclosed - rather hazily - that two elderly nuns in the parish have "consumption," Sister Rita moves into Father Rivard's rectory, a situation that causes Monsignor Nicholson (James Piehl) to pay occasional visits from the diocese, to angrily address the growing suspicion and gossip that there is something going on between them.
The film starts in the streets of Berlin as a young woman hazily walks in the city, the sunlight stroking her pale face.
They cursed and laughed in the shadows, and I thought hazily about how much humans were like animals.
Hodgson has got Diamond geezer in Ox ALEX LOOKS LOVELY JUBILEE FOR EUROS FOR many 18-year-olds, the next three days will always be hazily recalled.
Filters will bring out the washed-out, delicate nebulosity that extends slightly hazily towards the north-east from the stars.
The cultural identity of the Roma people is understood only hazily by outsiders.
We may have to acknowledge that, in fact, we can only ever grasp moral truth hazily and partially amidst the messiness and flux of a reality that is always changing.
Relationships and intentions are telescoped rather than spelled out, and while the film is frugal with the information it provides, and the nitty-gritty will continue to elude the viewer even on a second view-ing, the puzzle does reveal itself at long last, albeit rather hazily.
Scarborough is one of those destinations many of us can hazily remember visiting decades ago with mum, dad, bucket and spade.