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Synonyms for hazy

Synonyms for hazy

covered by or as if by a thin coating or film

heavy, dark, or dense, especially with impurities

Synonyms for hazy

filled or abounding with fog or mist

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indistinct or hazy in outline

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A particular concern was how to ensure the recruitment of visible minority faculty participants to the study, when their very rarity threatened to make them identifiable if any but the haziest generalizations were mentioned in papers or publications;
Yet the biggest surprise is that most people only have the haziest idea of exactly where it is.
This, along with the fact that most voters have only the haziest notion about charter reform, and, as usual, low voter turnout could deal a mortal blow to the already shaky prospects that charter reform will pass.
Genetic variation is perhaps the haziest area of all.
By their own admission, Kristol and Brooks have only the haziest of agendas: "It would be silly to try to lay out some sort of 10-point program for American greatness.
He'd have no memory of intercourse and only the haziest recollection of foreplay.
The haziest area involves instances where Congress does not specifically focus on international criminal activities in enacting legislation(69) and where the statute omits any reference to extraterritoriality.
A general reader of this section would finish with only the haziest notions of who must intend what in order to establish a constitutional violation, or of what "intent" means in this context, or of the realistic likelihood of establishing the requisite intent by a showing of aggregate or statistical disparities.
A preliminary analysis indicates that runny noses, sinusitis, sore throats, head colds and other upper-respiratory symptoms arose most often on the haziest days or on days with the highest peaks in smog-ozone, reports Ostro, an epidemiologist with the California Department of Health Services in Berkely.
Thurston has had a whole range of acid tests to confirm the accuracy of his records, among them phone calls from the emergency room about patients who have only the haziest idea of what medications they are on and almost none about their allergies.
For those who have only the haziest memory from Sunday School days it goes like this: A man gives his three servants sums of money to invest while he takes a break.
Most people have only the haziest notion of what their local council is called or even what it does, but any suggestion that it might be abolished inevitably sparks protest campaigns from groups who assume that they are about to lose something of importance - even if they are not quite certain what it is that will disappear.
They give only the haziest picture of a child's or a school's potential.
As someone once pointed out, The Goodies was a situation comedy with only the haziest of situations.
Full marks to Big Tam for his charitable works in Scotland, but after 40 years living elsewhere, he can have only the haziest idea of political realities.